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Let Dave’s Roofing Help You After a Damaging Storm in West Central VA

If you need a storm damaged roofing repair company in Fairlawn, VA, Dave’s roofing can help. Your roof faces the brunt of any storm’s heavy rain, violent winds, and hail. All of which can cause significant damage. The roofing contractors at Dave’s Roofing can help determine the state of your roof and needed repairs. Whether it is just replacing a few shingles or replacing the entire roof, our roofers can assist you.

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Wind Damage:
High winds, whether from a hurricane, tropical storm, or strong thunderstorm, can cause just as much damage as other elements. Strong winds can curl or tear shingles, and weaken seams, leaving more delicate materials exposed, and allowing moisture through. Winds can also knock trees or branches onto the roof, causing holes or tears in various roofing materials.

Hail Damage:
While hailstorms are usually short lived, they can cause major damage. Even small pieces of hail can loosen shingles and break through roofs. All these problems can lead to rain and air leaks, holes for animals to bury in, and roof rot. Even if there are no holes, hail can leave various dents on metal roofs. This residue degrades the look and security of the roof.

Water Damage:
If there are any old dents, or incorrect slopes, rain water can pool on your roof during a storm. If the roof is already weakened the added weight can cause the water to start to leak through the roof. Mold and mildew can start to grow if the water pools and remains in place. This growth will then start to rot away the surrounding roof, joists and roofing structure.

Dave’s Roofing Works With Insurance Companies to Repair Your Roof

Our experts have great experience working with insurance companies. Our contractors work with your home or business insurance to make the building safe again. Even if damage is not obvious after a major storm, contact us. Our inspectors will look over your roof to determine any damage. This includes curling shingles, rusted seams, holes, leaks, dents and more. Our roofing specialists will offer you a detailed assessment and cost estimate that you may submit to your insurance.

Dave’s Roofing can help if you need a storm damaged roofing repair company in Fairlawn, VA.