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Shingle roofing in Fairlawn, VA is the most common residential roofing option. Shingles offer a variety of styles and color options to enhance any home’s exterior. This cost-effective roofing option comes with many benefits. Dave’s Roofing has been installing shingle roofing in West Central Virginia since 1990. As homeowners, you need a trusted partner to install your home roofing needs.

Whether your existing home’s roof requires a repair or a complete replacement, our roofing contractors are here to help. Trust Dave’s Roofing for roofing replacements, repairs, or installations year round. Call us at (540) 392-3800 or contact us online to schedule an estimate for a shingle roof.

Shingles Are the Most Common Roofing Option for a Reason

Shingles are the most popular type of residential roofing. They are a great choice since shingles come in a wide range of designs and hues. This allows you to change the look of the exterior of any home. When choosing your roofing material there are always advantages and disadvantages. Some of these include:

Price – Out of all the roofing materials that are available, shingles are probably one of the most affordable choices. Their price makes them a good option for homeowners on a budget.

Repairs – Repairing or Replacing individual shingles instead of the entire roof saves you time and money.

Vulnerable to Wind – Since there are many edges of shingles across the roof, weather has a bigger impact. Wind can cause shingle curling and even detach shingles, which can lead to leaks.

Lifespan – Asphalt shingles simply don’t survive as long as some other options. The reason behind this is because they are lighter, less expensive, and more prone to damage

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A new roof can protect your home or business. Trust Dave’s Roofing in Fairlawn, VA for a new roof or repair. Our roofing contractors understand that each building is unique. We work with you to determine the best material for installation. Our licensed roofing contractors can get the job done right, quickly and competitively. Contact us today online for a free estimate or for more information on shingle roofing options.

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